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27.09.2013 16:05

On September 21st 2013 Slovakia hosted the fourth official Pride March, supporting the rights of the LGBTI community – that is people who are either Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersexual. Katarina Richterova decided to look at the topic more closely.

Just 20 hours before the Pride March took off ... the preparations were pretty tense

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Preparations for the march

Before the march, throughout the whole week, it was all eyes on human rights. The media covered the topic, talking to many LGBT activists, as well as activists from the Pro Life movement. Many discussions were held about the state of these human rights in our country and the everyday life of LGBTI people.

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State of everyday life

At 1 pm on Saturday, the Pride March took off. As it is basically all about love – Katarina Richterova asked people at the march, hetero or homosexuals, what love feels like to them?  

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What is love

At the Pride March 2013.

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At the Pride March 2013

Supporter of the Bratislava Pride and Member of the European Parliament had stones thrown at her at the Bratislava pride in the past. Now, Slovakia is going in the right direction, she says.

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No more stones

Slovak politicians – how are they doing in this topic? Are they as closed on LGBTI acceptance as they seem?

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Slovak Politicians

How tolerant is Slovakia to “Otherness”?

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Is Slovakia tolerant

Viktor and Roman and their everyday fight with homophobia.

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Fighting homophobia

Marching on under tight security.

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Tight security at the Pride March

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